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Foot Care for Seniors


Mobile Foot Care for seniors in Oakville and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us

At Senior Necessities, we provide in-home foot care for seniors with a focus on the health and well-being of seniors and diabetics. These services have the core purpose of promoting good health, and diabetic foot care with a benefit of cosmetic appeal. Our podologists will ensure every procedure is completed with care, following industry standards. Our variety of foot care services for seniors will ensure your feet and legs are healthy, and won’t cause you any unnecessary health problems in the future. An unsafe pedicure can result in infection, gangrene or amputation. Seniors, diabetics, people taking blood thinners or people with venous insufficiency should have their feet pedicured by a podologist. Contact us today to get started!

Mobile Foot Care Services

Foot Care for Seniors

Foot and Leg Assessment

Assessment of feet and legs open abrasions, venous insufficiency, blackened toes, infections, nail fungus, and feet or leg ulcers. Although we don’t treat these issues, we’ll identify the problem and recommend you to a certified professional. This is especially important for diabetics to have routinely checked to ensure they are in good health.

foot soak care for seniors

Podology Treatment

We provide diabetic and non-diabetic foot care for seniors in your home. You can expect a relaxing experience when we come to you for your foot care needs. After assessing your feet and taking into consideration whether you’re diabetic, along with your healthcare needs, we will determine the proper method of pedicuring.

trimming and filing foot care

Trimming and Filing

Diabetics and seniors require proper care of their feet and nails to stay healthy. We use proper procedures to ensure you’re comfortable and taken care of properly, all in your home. If you have a compromised immune system, we take the necessary precautions to keep you healthy.

foot care cream for seniors

Applying Foot Cream

We’ll make you feel renewed with our Senior Necessities foot cream. We use different creams depending on your foot care needs and make sure every client feels calm and relaxed when finished. We bring everything required to your home or place of comfort.

corn removal foot care for seniors

Corn Removal

Corns require proper podology equipment and procedures to be safely removed. Our podologist will ensure your corns are removed with utmost care and concern for your health, whether your’e diabetic or non-diabetic, all within the comfort of your home.

BS Brace for Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails are uncomfortable and expose you to medical risks that could lead to infections. We use proper podology procedures and apply the BS brace. The BS brace helps correct the direction of the toenail and forces it to grow straight. This can be administered by our professionals in your home.

Monofilament Testing for Neuropathy

A yearly test, which checks for nerve damage in the feet. This is particularly important for diabetics, as neuropathy can be caused by diabetes. This test will be done in the comfort of your home.

Gait Analysis and Referral to Pedorthist

Our podologist will come to your home to study your gait. If there are any issues that could be corrected through the proper footwear.  After assessing your foot care needs, we’ll recommend any proper foot care or footwear to ensure you can stay on your feet for longer, and reduce the chances of medical problems arising out of foot, skin and leg problems.

Full Leg and Foot Care Assessments

Healthy recommendations for the feet and referrals to Pedorthist and Chiropodist.

Our foot care for seniors ensures safe pedicuring

Our Foot Care Process

Soaking of the feet

Cutting the nail

Filing the nail

Cleaning around the nail bed

Removing corns and calluses

Honour your mom and dad with a Senior Necessities hair care or foot care treatment