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About Us

Meet Sherry Barfoot

CMP, C.Pod(I), B.Sc.(Pod.), CPCA, Certified Stylist

  • Satisfaction Rating 97% 97%
  • Availablity 78% 78%
  • Senior Care 98% 98%

In 1979 after completing a three year Beauty Culture program I apprenticed for one year in a well-established hair salon. After completing my apprenticeship I obtained a certified stylist license from the New Brunswick Hairdressers Association.

At the young age of 21, I ventured off into business for myself and had a salon built in Saint John NB called “Scissor Wizard”, which I owned and operated for eight years. During the course of this eight-year span, I participated in many advanced classes for cutting, colouring, perming and hair styling.

Upon the sale of Scissor Wizard, I was ready for a change so I sailed onto the Caribbean with a cruise liner where I leased and operated the hair salon on board the ship for two years. In the winter the ship sailed in the warm Caribbean waters and in the summer we sailed through the St. Lawrence River and on to the Maritime’s, always returning to where I had left. It was a great experience for a young stylist.

1989 was a year of great decision making; I decided not to sail into the Mediterranean with the ship. My thoughts were to settle in a larger city, one that had more opportunities. I arrived in Toronto April of 1989 feeling full of energy and enthusiasm. During the first 18 months, I had worked for a couple of local salons trying to get a feel for the lifestyle in the big city. After servicing several elderly clients at the local salon I could not help but notice that I felt a great deal of respect and compassion for the senior ladies and gentlemen. I contribute this to the incredible relationship that I shared with my aunts and uncles as I was growing up. This awareness made me think on a much deeper level and I asked myself; how could I begin to work for myself once again using my hairstyling experience and apply it to the elderly community?

I began to work for a couple who started “Home Cuts™” a mobile salon service providing salon service to homebound seniors. It was a great fit and I embraced the new opportunity whole heartily. After three months, they asked me to take the business over as they were moving on to other adventures.

Home Cuts grew and in 2000 I made a business proposal to a high-end retirement company to lease, staff, and run the salons located in their retirement establishments throughout Toronto and the GTA area. During the course of this business adventure, I developed an interest in Gerontology and a thirst for more knowledge in dealing with the special needs of the elderly. I enrolled in the part-time degree studies at McMaster University and my first course was Gerontology. The knowledge from my studies I have been able to apply often to my daily life and work and am currently still pursuing my academic endeavours majoring in Sociology. I have recently obtained two designations in advanced foot care and a Bachelor Of Science degree in Podology. I have completed a professional designation named the CPCA (Canadian Professional Consulting on the Aging).

In 2017 Home Cuts was rebranded and the name changed to Senior Necessities. My intentions are to develop and grow Senior Necessities into a business that aids in the dignity of every senior using this service and to put a smile on their face when I leave. My days are filled looking after my senior clientele, my two Labrador Retrievers, Prinz, 13 and Madison, 10. I spend a considerable amount of time providing Prinz and Madison with the proper amount of exercise and preparing home cooked meals for them in place of dog food. When I am not caring for my dogs I am tending to my 7-year-old daughter Alexis, who is my inspiration for living and running Senior Necessities.

If there is any legacy I want to pass on to Alexis, it is the importance of a strong education, high self-esteem and that she can surpass the “glass ceiling theory” and still maintain her loving feminine qualities. I believe that when you work at your passion, give exceptional value for the money, treat everyone with dignity and respect, and put your customers first, success will follow you.

If you are considering giving your parents the best loving hair care and salon service in the comfort of their own home, I believe you will be impressed with the service that Senior Necessities provide.