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Home Care For Seniors

Senior Necessities provides home care for seniors and shut-ins who cannot get out due to health conditions and mobility issues. We provide a full-range of hair care services, manicures, and podology treatments for diabetics, venous insufficiency and compromised immune systems.

All of these services are provided by a certified stylist and/or podologist, 1-on-1 in the privacy of your own home.

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Senior necessities is dedicated to providing home care for seniors. Our hair care and podology (foot care) solutions are here to ensure seniors always feel their best. Self-esteem is important in all stages of life, including senior years. We pride ourselves on helping seniors to stay in the comfort of their home by providing hair and foot care services. This varies from hair styling and colouring, to diabetic foot care, corn removal and more. The core mission of senior necessities is to care for seniors in the comfort and privacy of their home, residence or hospital bed. Honour your mom and dad by having them pampered by a podologist or hair stylist.

Senior Hair Care

Senior Hair Care

Hair Styling

Precision Cuts



Scalp/Hair Treatment

Foot Care For Seniors


Diabetic Foot Care

Non-diabetic Foot Care

Gait Analysis

Monofilament Testing for Neuropathy

We Practice


We value your time!

Personalized Care

We assess your individual needs to be sure you’re getting the right services


Guaranteed to meet healthcare standards! All equipment is disinfected thoroughly after each person, and all steps completed in accordance with the department of health.

Laughter & Conversation

We happily take the time to get to know you or your parent


Patient confidentiality is one of our top priorities

After Service Clean Up

We’ll never leave behind a mess in the home or other spaces

Home Care For Seniors Senior Necessities brings everything needed for all of your hair and foot care services to your home, so you don’t have to worry about any details.
Every hair stylist and podologist is screened through the police department under the Vulnerable Sector Group, so you can be sure you or your parents are in safe hands.
All of our podologists are trained in diabetic foot care and diabetic neuropathy, to ensure we identify causes of discomfort and provide the right care to all of our clients.
Our services are 100% guaranteed, as hair stylists and podologist maintain best practices and standards in accordance with their governing bodies. When we leave your home, we leave with confidence knowing that we made a difference.
We understand the special needs of seniors and treat every client with the respect and dignity as if they were our own parents.

“Sherry has been providing hair care needs for me and my mother for over two years and has provided us with perms, cuts, and styling. We have always been pleased with the results. Sherry is professional and caring and arrives at your residence with the best hair care products and equipment.”


I met Sherry from Senior Necessities in 1992, when my mother could no longer go out to have her hair done. This in-home service was a blessing to a home-bound woman and soon she was doing my hair as well.Pedicures were soon added to Senior Necessities services, your feet feel rejuvenated and so do you after one of her pedicures. I can honestly recommend Senior Necessities.

Olga M.